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Nailya Ordabayeva

Prof. Ordabayeva's research has received attention from numerous media outlets and organizations. 

The Tricks Retailers Use to Get You to Buy More Around the Holidays - LX

The Tricks Retailers Use to Get You to Buy More Around the Holidays - LX

Research in the Media

"The Tricks Retailers Use to Get You to Buy More Around the Holidays," NBC LX.

"Buying Luxury Items Makes You Feel Less Confident and Authentic, Research Says," CNBC.

"This Is Why Luxury Purchases Can Make You Feel Like Crap," Fast Company.

"Buying Luxury Goods Can Lead to Impostor Syndrome, Research Confirms," Esquire.

"Luxury Is Embarrassing," Quartz.

"Why Can't I Eat Just One Chip? Study Explains Science of Crunchy Foods," Men's Health.

"Crunchy Food is More Irresistible," Eating Well.

"How Politics Can Influence Shopping Behavior," Marketing Science Institute webinar.

"How Liberals and Conservatives Shop Differently," Harvard Business Review.

"Should a Luxury Brand Tilt Political Right or Left? Why It Matters," Forbes.


"How Ideology Shapes Our Shopping Behavior," Pacific Standard.

"Sell to Voters, Not Consumers," Marketing News.


"Customers Notice When Products Shrink More Than When They Get Bigger," Harvard Business Review.

"How Supersizing Seduces," The New York Times.

"Popcorn Science News," The New York Times.

"The Well Quiz: Supersize Soft Drinks," The New York Times.

"How Can a Big Gulp Look So Small?The New York Times.

"Week in Ideas: Hey, Big Spender," The Wall Street Journal.

"Size Matters," The Economist.

"Food Marketers on a Diet," Forbes.

"The Food You Buy Really Is Shrinking," BBC.

"How Ideology Drives Our Shopping Behavior," Pacific Standard.


"How Politics Can Influence What You Buy," The Week.

"Customers Aren't Very Good at Judging Portion Sizing," Harvard Business Review.

"Portion volume, a major challenge in the fight against obesity," Harvard Business Review France.

"Does Equality Result in Increased Status Spending?" Sify News.

"Does Equality Increase Status Spending?" Science Daily.

"Getting Ahead of the Joneses: When Equality Increases Conspicuous Consumption among Bottom-Tier Consumers," National Affairs online.

"Politics Influences What We Buy, not Just How We Vote," INSEAD Women's Big Ideas Campaign.

"Supersizing and Downsizing," INSEAD Knowledge.

"Leapfrogging Over the Joneses," INSEAD Knowledge.

"Food Marketers on a Diet," INESAD Knowledge.

"How to Manage Consumers' Packaging Perceptions," RSM Insight.

"Conflict Towards Food Improves Portion Size Estimation," RSM Discovery.

"About the Size of It," Carroll Capital.

"Does Equality Increase Status Spending?" Medical News Today.

"Does Equality Increase Status Spending?" Science Newsline.

"Shoppers Instantly Know When Products Are Shrunk," News Letter.

"Getting Ahead of the Joneses," Five Minute Economist's Blog.

"Does Equality Increase Status Spending?(e)Science News.

"Making Portion Downsizing Commercially Acceptable," FoodProcessing.

"Does Equality Result in Increased Status Spending?" Hindustan Times.

"Consumers Are Eating Too Much,"Ernanhrungs Umschau.

"Often, We Don't Know How Much We Eat and Drink," Winnender Zeitung.

"Too Much, Too Little, Just Right," Gesundheit.

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Research Expertise

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