Nailya Ordabayeva

Prof. Ordabayeva studies how social and sensory perceptions influence consumers' purchase decisions.

Social hierarchy and status

Social hierarchy and status

Political ideology influences how consumers differentiate in the hierarchy

Sensory perception

Sensory perception

Portion size perceptions of chefs at Paul Bocuse culinary institute

Boston College

Boston College

Consumer Insights Panel Lab

Sensory perception

Sensory perception

Package size perceptions influence how much we buy and consume

Social perception

Social perception

Inequality shapes status competition at the bottom of the pyramid

Area of Expertise #1

Social Perception

Area of Expertise #2

Sensory Perception

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  • Winner of the Journal of Consumer Research Ferber Award Honorable Mention.

  • Winner of the Nicosia Best Competitive Paper Award Honorable Mention at the Association for Consumer Research Conference.

  • Winner of the Best Paper Award at the European Association for Consumer Research Conference.

  • Winner of the Best Paper Award at the Monaco Symposium on Luxury.

  • Winner of the Best Paper 3rd Place Award at the LVHM-SMU Luxury Research Conference.


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  • Lead article.


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  • Winner of the 2014 Journal of Consumer Research Best Article Award. 

  • Featured in the Journal of Consumer Research Curation on Social Influence.

Chandon, Pierre and Nailya Ordabayeva (2009) “Supersize in 1D, Downsize in 3D: Effects of Spatial Dimensionality on Size Perceptions and Preferences,” Journal of Marketing Research, 46 (6), 739-53.

  • Finalist for the Best Paper Award at the London Business School Transatlantic Doctoral Conference.

  • Finalist for the Syntec Management Consulting Best Paper Award in marketing and decision science.  

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